“Empire” is the kind of drama that you can’t help but want to binge-watch. And I did that in about a week while travelling South-East Asia at the same time. The story’s about Lucious Lyon, founder and CEO of the successful record label “Empire”, who has been diagnosed with ALS. He puts his 3 sons … More Empire

The magic of Disney

In former posts, I’ve mentioned growing up watching horror movies and manga. However the very first time I ever went to the movies was to watch “The Beauty and the Beast”. Perhaps my French auntie wasn’t agreeing with what I was watching but she unconsciously turned me, like any other 90s kid, into another victim … More The magic of Disney

Deliver Us From Evil

Being part of the Li-dynasty also means we’re scary movie junkies. Whatever in-law we welcome into our family, they need to have the balls to watch ‘The Ring”, “Insidious”, the “Saw” movies etc. I myself have started with the more softer movies like “Chucky”, “Nightmare on the Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th” at the … More Deliver Us From Evil