Becoming 28

Ever since I’ve turned 28, I’ve been in search for some well-needed rest. Main reason: I’ve partied hard!!! For people who are not familiar with Belgium, my country is all about division. As tiny as this kingdom is, we have the Dutch-speaking (Flemish) who rule in the north, the French-speaking (Walloon) in the south and … More Becoming 28


Since my brother (Ba Boon) and I moved to Brussels this year, we were keen on making new friends and to discover the nightlife in the big city. I’ve gone out on Fridays and Saturdays and even on Thursdays but doing an afterwork on a Wednesday is new to me. We’ve been going to the … More Afterwork

Magritte Museum

One of my favourite artists of all time: René François Ghislain Magritte. My company organized a private tour for a couple of clients in the Magritte museum and this time, I was going to check a couple of masterpieces. Whenever I tried to analyze a piece, I’d get it wrong and so I’ve given up … More Magritte Museum