Exposing oneself

Ready for my bikini bod? Yeah well I’m not and I don’t think I ever will be. What I will show you, are evidence I wished I had destroyed: my pimple pictures. The daughter of friends of mine is officially a tween who’s mantra right now is: how to get rid of zits. The poor … More Exposing oneself

5 Minute Makeup

Not having anyone truly teach me how to use makeup, I usually don’t wear any. I have pretty good skin and no acne issues or anything like that but when you’ve been in work mode for 12 hours or more, a 5 minute makeover can do wonders. So here’s what I have in my handbag … More 5 Minute Makeup

Tomboy for life

Wikipedia says a tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behavior considered typical of a boy, including wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultures to be the domain of boys. I was raised with boys and my dad’s rule was clear … More Tomboy for life