Australia 2017 Part IV : Sydney, Manly & Wollongong

As my uncle Mickey especially took the week off to spend time with us, he ended up driving us all the way to Sydney to see the family over there. And besides, if I hadn’t seen the Opera House in Sydney, it would’ve felt as if I hadn’t been to Australia at all and so we for sure had to go. 20171010_165546Since my mom has 2 brothers in Sydney, we ended up spending a night at each place. Uncle Ko took us to see the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and we went all the way to Manly because it was included in the boat tour.

On day 2, we went to the famous Nan Tien Temple, the Sea Cliff Bridge (which looks longer than it really is) and the Wollongong Head Lighthouse with uncle C, his family and my cousins.

Now what was my favourite part of the Sydney trip? The food!!! My cousin works at a Chinese restaurant and OMG, the food was as good as it looks on the pictures.

The next post will finally be the last Australian post. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

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