Australia 2017 Part V: The Big Merino, Canberra and Chelsea Beach

My last Aussie post is about all the pit stops we had while driving somewhere. For our drive back from Sydney to Melbourne, we stopped in Goulburn for some coffee at the Big Merino. The Big Merino is a 15.2 meters tall concrete merino ram. Visitors can climb to the top and look out through the Merino’s eyes … More Australia 2017 Part V: The Big Merino, Canberra and Chelsea Beach


Because I hadn’t been anywhere with my parents this year, my mom managed to guilt trip me into taking her, my dad and 6 of their friends for a weekend to Barcelona in September. The Nova Mar Bella beach was near our apartment so it was an obvious choice for us to go there first. … More Barcelona

Italy 2017

During my Italian road trip in 2015, due to the lack of time, I didn’t walk around the whole city of Firenze, I didn’t get to see the Tower of Pisa and I had quickly gone through the Cinque Terre within a day. As you can see from the video, I had done a lot … More Italy 2017

Valencia & Xativa

Buying an apartment last year meant I was saving my butt off and travelling was out of order. My dear bestie, Dr. Diva turned 30 before Kel and I and she succeeded to guilt trip me into one last holiday to Valencia. Day 1: La Ciudad de las Artes or the City of Arts and … More Valencia & Xativa

A Turkish Wedding

If there were tests to see if a couple wanted to be married, well my Turkish bestie and her groom sure passed it. I had only been to half of the ceremonies and it completely drained me. They survived 6 of them last year!!! So to celebrate this newlywed couple, here’s the picture diary of … More A Turkish Wedding

Berlin by bike

My bestie, Dr. Diva, wanted me to join her for a citytrip to Berlin. I told her I’d only be up for it if she took care of everything which she did. To explore Berlin over the weekend, we took the “Fat Tire Bike Tours” with our awesome guide Tom and I’d recommend it to … More Berlin by bike