About me

It was hard trying to write down what this blog will be about but I’ll try and keep it short:

“All Noblesse” stands for ALissa Li’s Nobility.

cropped-cropped-965297_10201095591530170_1529381035_o1-e139904159119712.jpgObviously my first name’s Alissa. Li are the first 2 letters of my surname. As for the noble part, it’s simply the meaning of my first name “Alissa” and that’s where the nobility will end on this blog cause there is just nothing noble about me.

The reason I started this is because I needed a diary where I can look back upon later in life. Being relatively young, I have a very busy life where I wind up forgetting what I’ve done and all of a sudden, here I am writing my first post.

You’ll see a bit of everything from travelling blogs to pure randomness of life. In other words, this blog will be about me, myself and I.

Who am I? Just somebody you’ll get to know throughout all of my posts.

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