Asia 2017 Part I: Bangkok

The trip of the year 2017 for me was my Asian/Australian trip. My first stop was Bangkok.

DSC09156.jpgIf you’re looking for a post about all the touristy places, then here’s a link to my 2013 post: Thai/Laos trip 2013: Bangkok

Or check out my video from 2015:

I’ve been to Bangkok so many times, I didn’t exactly have a need to be touristy at all. As I was living with a high stress level for the past year (to the point I blocked my back), my auntie L suggested a 5-day self-care treatment before heading to Australia. All we did was eat, sleep, shop, get hairdos and Thai massages and put it all on repeat for 5 days straight .

The only new place we visited was the Wat Dokmai (translation: the flower temple). We at least wanted to make merit and pray at the temple so our travels would go smoothly.


Little did we know that right after the merit-making, we’d receive our compensation immediately in the form of James Jirayu Tangsrisuk a.k.a. James Ji!!! He happened to be promoting something while we were just wandering around Central World and yes, he’s dreamier in real life than on TV ❤

This pretty much concludes my little trip to Bangkok but stay tuned for part II of my Asian trip: Singapore.

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