Alissa in ShondaLand

Being stuck with never ending piles of laundry this weekend, I had time to start a new TV series: “How to Get Away with Murder”. I decided to watch this show because of one reason only: Liza Weil.

Being a teen, I adored watching her as Paris Geller in the “Gilmore Girls” and it’s nice to see her weekly again in a comparable role.

Back to “How to get away with murder”, there’s no need for me to explain the show as everything’s already described in the title itself. It’s definitely not a reflection of real life as I’m wondering how you can have a whole class of students listening to confidential information between a lawyer and her clients.

Nevertheless, I loved it so much I’ve watched all 13 episodes at once and the wait for the finale on Friday becomes so grueling, I’m considering staying up all night waiting to see it live.

Another reason as to why I’ve started watching this show: Shonda Lynn Rhimes. She’s a screenwriter, director and producer and ABC programmed its entire Thursday primetime lineup with ShondaLand dramas “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder”.

The USA branded the night as “Thank God It’s Thursday” or “TGIT”. The rest of the world on the other hand, still gets to hum on Katy Perry’s “TGIF” as we only get to see the shows on Friday.

The way I’d describe ShondaLand productions is that it’s like crack. Watch one episode and you’ll be starting our weekly meetings like me with: “My name’s Alissa and I’m an addict.”

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