Australia 2017 Part III : Phillip Island

I finished my last post saying it wouldn’t take me 2 months to write another one…

Anyway, I didn’t realize how big of an animal lover I was until I figured out that my favorite part of the whole Australian trip was when we went to Phillip Island to see all the animals.

Our first stop was at the San Remo beach where we watched the Fisherman’s co-op feed the pelicans. We weren’t allowed to feed them so we waited for the seabirds at Cowes Beach to feed them our leftover fries.


The highlight of the whole trip though was when I was feeding the kangaroos at the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. I can’t exactly explain why I love it but it’s amazing how they would just grab my hand and just eat from it.

Kangaroos weren’t the only animals, there were also (sleeping) koalas, wallabies and much more. The emus also left a pretty big impact on me cause when I was walking around in their enclosure (see the video), it gave me a Jurassic Park feeling.

And finally, my auntie took us to the Nobbies Centre where I went to see the penguin parade 15 years ago. I was so focused on how cute those penguins were waddling back then, I hadn’t paid attention to its environment. This time, the spectacular coastal view was what caught my attention. Honestly, no picture is worth the real deal so just head out over there people. Be aware of the wind though, it’s so windy I had a free blow-dry.


I still have 2 more posts before ending my 2017 Australian trip. Fingers crossed it’ll all happen this weekend.

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