Since my brother (Ba Boon) and I moved to Brussels this year, we were keen on making new friends and to discover the nightlife in the big city. I’ve gone out on Fridays and Saturdays and even on Thursdays but doing an afterwork on a Wednesday is new to me. We’ve been going to the … More Afterwork

Sushi shop

I hadn’t seen my besties since our trip to Morocco and it was time for our regular hang-out. Seeing my colleagues having sushis for lunch made me crave for it and so my Turkish bestie suggested we’d have dinner near her work at the Sushi Shop. The sushis were fresh and pretty good, only I … More Sushi shop

Lemon Tree

With 2 ear infections, a couple of flus and a gastroenteritis all within this year, it made it impossible for me to keep up with the workout schedule I had in mind. I made an attempt to start running and that didn’t work out (see my former post “Start 2 Color Run“). I then wanted … More Lemon Tree

Game on

With my move to Brussels, I’ve won 3 hours/day not being on the road going to work/home. I have been filling¬†my time with my friends and family coming over for dinner parties instead. I live on the top floor of a building with no elevators¬†and everytime someone visits me, they wind up numb on my … More Game on

Couscous night

My most longest friendship ever is with a Moroccan whom I’ve known since we were 2 years old and who I’ve nicknamed “Dr Diva”. Fast-forward 25 years later and I’ve come to the realization I’ve never had couscous in my life until this very summer. The couscous was made by one of Top’s (my eldest … More Couscous night