Start 2 Color run

Another thing my bestie Dr Diva got me into this summer, is the Color Run. The Color Run (also known as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”) is a 5k run where I and 16.000 other runners get covered in a cloud of color powder which colordips us from head to toe. My journey before the Color Run wasn’t pink … More Start 2 Color run

Night at the museum

Every year my company organizes a guided tour at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. This year, we were hosting the avant-premiere of the Constantin Meunier exposition. Vincent Van Gogh once said about Meunier: “He’s the only one of all Belgian artists who has touched me, he painted all those things I‘ve always … More Night at the museum

To the sucker I shall someday call my partner in life

With the loss of my nephew, it was important for me to put my family first this summer cause we were going through an emotional roller coaster together but now that I’ve sort of found my new normal, I’ve discovered I wanted to have fun again. One of my challenges on my summer to-do list … More To the sucker I shall someday call my partner in life