Buying an apartment meant I was supposed to save money and instead of travelling by plane, I just took a train and played tourist in my own country. My Dutch friend Dor lived in Leuven last year and offered to be my guide in her town so after a 15 minute train ride from Brussels, … More Leuven

Dog sitting Max

My irresponsible oldest brother Top left his 3 month old french bulldog puppy for a trip to Laos. I was stuck with the poor pup for over 2 weeks and since I’m forced to go for a walk every day, I might as well challenge myself and discover new parks/gardens in Brussels.  Here’s the diary … More Dog sitting Max

The Swan Lake

When Dr. Diva asked Kel and I if we wanted to join in to see “The Swan Lake”, there wasn’t even an inch of doubt in our fiber to crash her date with the bf. Be warned: if you’re looking for a professional review than you better search for the info somewhere else cause I … More The Swan Lake