Tomboy for life

Wikipedia says a tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behavior considered typical of a boy, including wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultures to be the domain of boys. I was raised with boys and my dad’s rule was clear … More Tomboy for life

Female rappers

Being Asian in Belgium, I’ve grown up listening to songs in a lot of different languages. Whether I understand a language or not, there’s one similar factor that my eardrums have been drawn to: female rappers. It may be because I’m the opposite of who they are: badass gangster princesses of swag. Here I am … More Female rappers

The magic of Disney

In former posts, I’ve mentioned growing up watching horror movies and manga. However the very first time I ever went to the movies was to watch “The Beauty and the Beast”. Perhaps my French auntie wasn’t agreeing with what I was watching but she unconsciously turned me, like any other kid, into another victim of … More The magic of Disney