Being present at Back to the Future

My friend C-Bear asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her watching the “Back to the future” franchise. Since I’m a geek, I of course had to be present.

I was watching Marty McFly and the doc going to the future in their DeLorean time machine from Octobre 21st 1985 to Octobre 21st 2015. I was only aware of the fuss of that day once C-Bear explained it to me which puts to shame my nerdiness as she knew this without ever seeing any of the movies…

I was also afraid I was going to fall asleep at the movies as it started at 8PM on a Wednesday but the trilogy was so much fun to re-watch, I was even humming the theme song the next day at work.

Another tip on staying awake at the movies: fuel yourself up with some junkfood. It’s the only time this excuse is allowed.2015-10-21 19.47.53

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