Because I hadn’t been anywhere with my parents this year, my mom managed to guilt trip me into taking her, my dad and 6 of their friends for a weekend to Barcelona in September.

The Nova Mar Bella beach was near our apartment so it was an obvious choice for us to go there first. The kids folks saw the beach and couldn’t contain themselves: they ran and played in the water and took selfies and pictures to their hearts’content.

What I wasn’t expecting though was the pouring rain we had that day. We luckily had our hop-on hop-off bus tickets and pretty much did the whole tour while trying to stay dry.

The weather thankfully pulled through the next day and the sun was the highlight of the trip. We took the BCNaval boat tour that was included in the hop-on hop-off bus tour, had sangria at La Rambla and went to see some of Gaudi’s masterpieces: la Casa Milà and la Sagrada Familia.

Now, I have to admit, this trip felt a bit more like I was babysitting than I was on a citytrip. Those retired folks are pretty cheeky but I have to admit, I still had fun going with them. For now, I’m handing over the torch to my bro Ba Boon as he has to go on a cruiseship for 10 days with hundreds of them. Good luck surviving this bro, you can do it!!!

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