To continue tourism in my own country (see my former post “Leuven“), I visited another city in Belgium: Dinant. The Dinant Tour from the Belgian rail excursion includes 3 attractions: the Citadel, the “Dinant-Anseremme” cruise and “La Merveilleuse” caves.


A little history before I write about the tour: Dinant takes pride in showing off their genius, Adolphe Sax, who invented the saxophone. While strolling all over town, you can admire artworks everywhere devoted to the instrument.

dsc07060Starting the tour, we took the cable car that leads up to the citadel. We then walked down the 408 steps appreciating the breathtaking panorama of the town and the Meuse valley. While I was walking down, I was pleased to find out that I’m still not afraid of heights.

We then set off down the river Meuse on the “Dinant-Anseremme” cruise to enjoy the impressive scenery of monumental rock folds.

And we finished off the day in “La Merveilleuse” caves. It’s not a gigantic cave like the one of Han-sur-Lesse but honestly, wandering around town the whole day was tiring enough so all hail for the short tour!!!

dsc07198For foreigners who want to avoid the overcrowded big cities like Brussels, Antwerp or Bruges, try out Dinant. It truly is a peaceful town or at least it was while I was there…

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