Berlin by bike

My bestie, Dr. Diva, wanted me to join her for a citytrip to Berlin. I told her I’d only be up for it if she took care of everything which she did.

To explore Berlin over the weekend, we took the “Fat Tire Bike Tours” with our awesome guide Tom and I’d recommend it to anyone who’d want to visit this city. Here are some of the historical stops we did by bike:

Now Tom told us that if we weren’t going to give a perfect score on TripAdvisor, we didn’t need to bother reviewing the tour. He never said I couldn’t write a post about it…

I’d still give the “Fat Tire Bike Tours” 4.5/5 simply cause there were places I wanted to stop at to take pics while on the bike. But overall, it was the perfect tour of historic Berlin with a great recollection of it’s history of Hitler and the Third Reich, the former DDR, the Berlin of today and so much more.

As for the trip as a whole, I was just superhappy I wasn’t the guide for once. Not having to rack my brain thinking of where to go next is like I took a chill pill to the land of dreams while leaving behind all worries for others to solve. I ❤ Dr. Diva

U-BahnNext post: Obedience exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

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