Tech dilemma

For anyone who’s never read any of my posts before, I have 3 brothers and we’re Asians so there’s a natural geek/nerd alarm that goes off whenever you’re anywhere near us. We love manga, dramas, Asian music, comic-cons and are tech oriented but there’s no need to worry for us as we take pride in … More Tech dilemma


In the span of 3 weeks, I’ve celebrated my own birthday 5 times, had a New Year’s eve party and also celebrated my big auntie, my dad and my bestie Kel’s bday. To celebrate her birthday, I took my big auntie shopping in Brussels with my auntie N and my mom. It’s sales month and … More Birthdays

Becoming 28

Ever since I’ve turned 28, I’ve been in search for some well-needed rest. Main reason: I’ve partied hard!!! For people who are not familiar with Belgium, my country is all about division. As tiny as this kingdom is, we have the Dutch-speaking (Flemish) who rule in the north, the French-speaking (Walloon) in the south and … More Becoming 28

To the sucker I shall someday call my partner in life

With the loss of my nephew, it was important for me to put my family first this summer cause we were going through an emotional roller coaster together but now that I’ve sort of found my new normal, I’ve discovered I wanted to have fun again. One of my challenges on my summer to-do list … More To the sucker I shall someday call my partner in life