Book review: Born A Crime

Book assignments were not my strength in school and that may be the reason for the lack of book reviews on this blog. Flashback to 15 years ago: Les Misérables is my favourite book. Why? Isn’t “Because I love the book” enough of an answer?

With decades of experience, my poor lit teacher (may he rest in peace) took on a new challenge in doing whatever he could to help me pass. I bet he thought I’d never give it another go after graduation and yet here it is: Trevor Noah’s “Born a crime”.

DSC08733With the world going through a shitstorm, it’s always nice to have some humor in between all of the seriousness. I get it from watching Chelsea on Netflix, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and so on. The latter also did a good job promoting his book on the View cause I ended up buying one. (see how I’m explaining how I chose the book 😉 )

Trevor Noah is the son of a black woman and a white man during apartheid in South Africa. The book immediately explains how the immorality act prohibits illicit carnal intercourse between Europeans and natives and other acts in relation thereto. The title of the book couldn’t be explained more clearly: Noah was literaly “Born a crime”. (the point of a summary is to be brief and to the point: check!)

Even though the book wasn’t written in a chronological order, I could still easily follow the storyline. The topics are very brutal going from racism, hunger and abuse to the usual teenage insecurities. As others stay trapped in the cycle of poverty and violence, Noah has somehow broken that cycle and all compliments are reserved to his mother for raising him to be the man that he is and giving him his sense of humor.

Though the subjects are tough, Trevor Noah managed to put in just enough humor, intelligence and wittiness into every chapter and that’s also how I’ve come to know him as a stand-up comadian and the host of the Daily Show. It also helps that he’s my celebrity crush right after Jared Leto (my rock star) and Bi Rain (I lose it when he takes his shirt off).

To get back on topic, the reason I love reading his book and watching his show is mainly because he can put clarity to a serious matter for me and make me laugh out loud with his silliness at the same time. Here’s another video where he made me think beyond what I see and feel, talking about the Philando Castile’s police shooting.

I’m not sure if my lit teacher’s feeling proud with this review or if I made him turn over in his own grave but again, isn’t “Because I love the book” enough of an answer?


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