2017 Resolutions

I’ve reread my 2016 resolutions and it’s with a natural blush my cheeks produce that I’m starting 2017 with the same goal: writing more consistently on this blog. So much happened in 2016 and I haven’t even had time to write everything down.

The most gratifying was turning 30. My friends have had a hard time saying goodbye to their 20s and I was the only one looking forward to it cause I have finally ticked off #1 on my bucket list: buying my first apartment.

It was also the most nerve-racking process in my life but after spending months feeling anxious, I’m finally jumping up and down for joy in my own apartment.

I won’t write down a list for this year because being consistent is my goal. Let’s just hope my cheeks have a neutral colour early 2018 on evaluation day.

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