Japan 2016 Part IV: Hida-Takayama

To make it to Shirakawa-go, I had to pick between 2 transport hubs: Kanazawa or Hida-Takayama. Kanazawa is 3 hours away from Nagoya and Takayama 2.5 hours. I didn’t want to spend an extra 30 minutes on the road and so Hida-Takayama it was.


Takayama was just my pit stop and I hadn’t done much research as to what we could visit. So we just wandered around and here’s what we discovered:

Another reason for Hida-Takayama was the Hodakaso Yamanoiori Hotel. It’s not a luxurious hotel but I wanted to experience the traditional tatami-style room and that’s exactly what I got. They also have a free onsen with your birthday suit as the dress code.

And for people who are shy about being butt naked in front of strangers at your hotel hot spring, here’s how I overcame my prudeness: before entering the changing room, you have to take off your slippers. So even before you enter, you already know whether you can have the whole onsen to yourself or not. I had the whole onsen to myself and it is exactly what everyone says about them: a little piece of heaven in Japan.

Next stop: Japan 2016 Part V: Hitachi Seaside Park

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