Japan 2016 Part I: Nabana No Sato

I’m kicking off my tales on my Japan trip with a cheaper alternative to the Tokyo Disney Resort: Nabana No Sato. Why? Because of the 200 meter light tunnel that runs from November to early-May:


Besides the winter illumination, another moment of awe was the Begonia Garden. This greenhouse has a large display of potted Begonia plants but beware: the entrance to the garden is charged separately. The extra but well worthy admission fee: ¥1,000.

The tickets to the park are priced at ¥2,300 during the winter illumination. They also include vouchers for ¥1,000 which can be used at the gift shops and food joints in the park.

As for transportation, I had 2 options: either grab the train to Nagashima and then the bus or take the Meitetsu/Mie Kotsu Bus directly from Nagoya station to the park. Since we wanted to save money, we took the train except we hadn’t realized the bus didn’t operate during weekdays. And with that kind of mishap, we ended up taking a taxi which also meant, it would’ve been a lot cheaper and less time consuming had we just taken the Meitetsu/Mie Kotsu Bus from Nagoya…

I may have a lot more stories to tell about all the things that went wrong but we still managed to make it before sunset and see the beauty that is Nabana No Sato.

In case you’d want to read about some more of my mishaps: Japan 2016 Part II: Kyoto

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