The Swan Lake

When Dr. Diva asked Kel and I if we wanted to join in to see “The Swan Lake”, there wasn’t even an inch of doubt in our fiber to crash her date with the bf.

Be warned: if you’re looking for a professional review than you better search for the info somewhere else cause I have zero knowledge of ballet. What I wanted to convey were my personal experiences that evening.The Swan Lake

Everyone knows the story of the white swan, the black swan, Prince Sigfried, the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and the dance of the Little Swans. Prior to this, we had seen “The Nutcracker” 12 years ago and we loved every second of it from beginning to end. But “The Swan Lake” is not “The Nutcracker”. 

I felt like the first act was a bit slow or maybe I hadn’t fancied the performances to the fullest because the tallest woman in the room had to be seated right in front of me. Thankfully there was a whole row to the side where nobody was seated and I had the brains to sit there to enjoy the second act.

That’s when I finally appreciated the ballet. The costumes were stunning, the almost never ending pirouettes were mad and not only are all of the dancers of the National Opera of Ukraine extremely graceful, they also have the most toned bodies which I know for a fact I’d never possess (neither the grace, nor the muscled body).2016-01-14 22.32.40

I’ve come to the conclusion I love going to the ballet. It’s expensive as hell but next time there’s a Groupon for “The Sleeping Beauty”, I’ll be present then too.


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