Video spamming

I’ve warned you in my former post (2016 resolutions) that I’d spam you with my videos. I love my new Sony Xperia Z3 phone and the movie creator is my new drug. I might as well review the app in this post so here goes:

If Sony needed any ideas for their next upgrade, here are a few:

  • More songs please!!!
  • An extra feature to trim and select a video would make the Movie Creator a killer app: When I add a video, I don’t get to chose which part of the clip I want, nor the time frame
  • Also another feature where I can manually place my text and choose the fond and text size
  • An option to control the slides speed
  • Even though I like short clips of a minute with max. 40 pictures/videos, I’d also like to have the option for longer videos

This review seems very negative so why did I get hooked? Simply because it still easily creates videos for you without much effort. Here’s the video of my girls’trip in Fuerteventura:


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