My first time trick-or-treating

What have I done this past month? Not writing a post, that’s for sure. Since the purpose of this blog is for it to be a diary, here’s what I remember: Halloween 2015.

As a child, I’ve never got to celebrate Halloween as it isn’t a Belgian holiday. Instead, we have Carnival in February where we get dressed up and have people from the costume parades throw candy right into our faces. Not a bad alternative at all.


This year I was in Paris for Halloween with my little cousin Mano, my cousin’s son Matt and my friend’s daughter and it was our first time trick-or-treating. Well, the kids went door to door asking for candy, I was just there chaperoning.


The joy on those kids’ faces was priceless and from next year on, I’ll be summoned for babysitting duties around this time as an early birthday gift to my cousin, my auntie and my friend.

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