Exposing oneself

Ready for my bikini bod? Yeah well I’m not and I don’t think I ever will be. What I will show you, are evidence I wished I had destroyed: my pimple pictures.

The daughter of friends of mine is officially a tween who’s mantra right now is: how to get rid of zits. The poor thing is scrubbing and cleansing her face twice a day just to wind up with a greecy face anyways. Does this sound familiar to your teen days? It does to me. Capture

Now that I thankfully am far removed from that horrid era, here’s a bit of history on my pimple years:

From age 11 on, I suffered from a greasy face with zits here and there but compared to other teens, I’m not allowed to complain too much.

Then came my college years. I don’t know what roller coaster my hormones decided to go on in my early 20s but it resulted in my face filled with acne. How bad was it? It was severe enough I had to pop them practically every 2 days.wpid-img_20151118_193318.jpg

What is the solution to my acne free skin? Unfortunately, I don’t know. I’ve washed, cleansed, scrubbed my face with so many products from Clearasil to Proactiv to products made by my pharmacists and they’ve all worked to a certain degree but then I’d get it all over again after a couple of weeks.

I started getting a more clear skin when I turned 24-25. I remember using my mom’s Asian stuff: Bai Li Tou Hong Clean and I’ve stuck by it till this day. The Chun Yan Bai Li Tou Hong products are actually known for the whitening cream but I obviously don’t use that since it’s already a hassle to keep a tan for at least a week.


Another reason could be that my hormones started to find a balance around that age. So for teens suffering from acne, I’m not much of a help but all I can say is: hang in there kids, we’ve all been through it!


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