Travelling Tips & Tricks Part V: Almost missing your flight

How do I know I’m a globetrotter? If I were to name all the places I’ve visited this year, I’m sure I’d forget a couple of them. Now, are you feeling sad for me or are you cursing me out loud?DSC02366While going home from Berlin, I had almost missed my flight and 3 out of 4 people were fine, one on the other hand was having a complete nervous breakdown. Let’s just say there were tears involved and an international phone call to one’s mother. I’m not saying who it is but at least this episode of the Diva drama has taught me something new.

Here’s what happened: we were supposed to arrive 45 minutes before boarding time but our train suddenly decided to stop before the final destination. We, thank God, figured out there was a bus that was 5 stops away from the airport and we managed to scan our tickets at 4.15PM knowing that boarding time was 15 minutes later.

For people who might wonder if they could still catch their flight before boarding time, I’ve just learned by experience that it’s possible. It’s not ideal but as long as you’ve gone through the check-in scanners before boarding time, you apparently haven’t missed your flight. On the side note: this is only possible for low-cost flights where you only bring your hand luggage and where the check-in was done online.

As for people who wonder what to do if you were to ever miss a flight… Who knows, it might happen to me someday but let’s hope I’d never have to write a “What to do when you miss a flight” post.

For more travelling tips and tricks, here’s the next one: Travelling Tips & Tricks Part VI: Japan


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