The 1st letter to my nephew

My dear Ba Boo,

It’s been exactly 1 year since I last kissed you goodbye and you must wonder how we’ve all been doing? I have to say Boo, it was harsh without you but we’re doing pretty well.

I’ll start with your grandparents: pou and gna (grandpa and grandma in Laotian). Your gna gave us quite a scare when she hurt her back so much, she couldn’t walk. Being a nurse for over 40 years, there’s nobody on this planet who deserves a retirement as much as she does. But no worries, she has officially filled in the paperwork for her retirement in May 2016. Hurrah!

As for pou, he could’ve retired this January already but decided to continue another 2 years. I guess he needs to learn to work less before he stops permanently. Anyway, they’ve just gotten back from a 2 week trip in Burma and Thailand and in the 28 years I’ve spent with them, I have never seen them this zen. FYI, being in Burma, the holy country of your great, great, great grandpa, they’ve done a lot of merits for you. I hope you’ve received it well.

11694255_1655382641341807_1222807488_nYour godfather, uncle Top, will be celebrating his 40th birthday this year. As you witnessed from your baci, you know we’re going to have another big party this summer right?

2015 is also your uncle and auntie Noodle’s 10th anniversary. The Li family and friends all gathered to celebrate this event but the real celebration was when they went to visit your great grandpa in Australia. At age 95, he’s still alive and kicking. Doesn’t he look like a true boss?

1272988_10200356224768899_758976226_oThen there’s your mom and dad. I have unfortunately not seen your mom and her family at all. They’re forever family as we went through the miracles and the hurt and the pain together. Whenever they’re ready, our doors will be open to welcome them with open arms and I know you’ll be watching us from above.

And your dad, Ba Boon, was the one we all worried about. I have to say, he put up an emotional wall that freaked me out quite a bit in the beginning but he’s an open book now. I’m sure he misses you every day but he has an annoying family and 2nd family (friends) who won’t leave him alone through thick and thin.

And last but not least, your auntie Pouky. Boo, you are the only man who managed to test my emotions to the fullest. How dare you steal my heart and rip it apart like that? It’s been a year and even though my heart still aches from time to time, I’ve learned to live with it and as a Buddhist, I hold on to the believe that our paths will cross again someday.

All that’s left for me to say is: rest in piece Ba Boo and till next time for my 2nd letter.


your auntie Pouky

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