Travelling Tips & Tricks Part IV: How to spend 3 hours in Rome

Having an auntie who runs a restaurant means it’s tricky for her to spend the night somewhere. That resulted in us doing something crazy: we took a return flight on the same day to Rome.

DSC01341I went to Rome with 7 people so I ordered a van online for €52. The ugly surprise I got for paying cash is: I lost 30 minutes looking for a sign with my name on it. My driver was at the meeting point which nobody told me of and there was no €52 van but 2 small taxis who scammed us for €70.

DSC01360So here are some tips on taxis:

  • If you’re a party of 4, just grab a taxi on your way out as the fixed fare into town from Fiumicino Airport is €48.
  • Beware of the cheap taxi fares online. I chose “” for that and look what it got me.
  • How to not get scammed: pay beforehand so the drivers can’t ask you for any cash.

After that fiasco, most of the stress was gone. I had pinpointed 3 major places to visit and we’ve done them all: Piazza San Pietro, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.

We didn’t slack but at the same time, we didn’t rush either. Besides visiting, we also had time for lunch and since the Trevi Fountain was under construction, half the group went shopping and the other half had time to take pics at the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the Italian President in Rome.

DSC01403The only thing left was getting back in time to the airport and may I say that everyone got there half an hour before our meeting time. So doing Rome in 3 hours is possible but it is advised to at least spend a night just so you could wander around the beautiful city of Rome.

The next travelling tips & tricks: Almost missing your flight.

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