Italian Road Trip Part III: Venezia

Venezia is built on 118 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea and it’s exactly everything everyone’s been telling me: not to be compared to any other places in the world.

Since Mr. Right is nowhere near my eyesight, I might as well go there with my girlfriends. That’ll teach him for taking his time finding me.

DSC00710There are only canals and boats, no roadways or cars which was a bit tricky for us as we were on a road trip. After a bit of research, we parked the car at the Venezia Tronchetto Parking that is on the far western edge of Venice for €21.

From there, we took the vaporetto (water bus) at the dock which immidiately takes us into town for €20 for the whole day.

We were only going to be there for a couple of hours so we pinpointed the most important places we wanted to see: Piazza San Marco, Ponte dell’Accademia and the Rialto bridge.

The girls also wanted to take a gondola. Whether there’s a romantic couple or 4 single ladies taking a gondola, the price stays €80. So in a way, we only paid €20 each which winded up being worth the trip. The icing on the cake was that our gondolier ressembled Ronaldo when he smiled. Adorbs!

DSC00805I would’ve been content with the prices of the souvenirs from any store at San Marco but I knew I could do better and so I did.

There were stalls near the Rialto bridge where I bought a journal that was almost half price of what the stores sold around San Marco. Holla!

Rialto bridge

Though the souvenirs are fairly cheaper compared to other cities, the food is pricier. But there weren’t a lot of complaints on our side as we had a waiter so cute, one of my girls was willing to fold him into her luggage and take him home with her.

We hadn’t done a whole lot of research beforehand and maybe that’s why we were charmed by Venice. That being said, I don’t think I’d want to go back simply cause I wouldn’t want it to lose that charm.

The only way Mr. Right might convince me of going back may be during the carnaval in winter cause I’m sure Venice must look magical on ice.

Next part of the Italian road trip: Cinque Terre.

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