Travelling Tips & Tricks Part III: airbnb

Booking a hotel last minute during the summer holidays is not exactly cheap so 2 years ago I had discovered Airbnb. For the price of a crappy hotel, I got a magnificent apartment and I’ve been a fan since.

The main reasons why I want to suggest Airbnb to others: the friendly hosts and the extremely understandable service.

Residence BianceSo far, every host I’ve been in contact with have been extremely nice and helpful. Thanks to them, I’ve explored places that I wouldn’t necessarily find on the internet.

While being in Italy (hence the lack of posts for the past 2 weeks), one of my hosts suggested for us to hike the mountain that was right behind our home. Reality is so much more breathtaking than my pictures so if you were to find these gorge, I suggest for you to see the real deal in Bocca di Magra.

Also, right before my Asian trip, I accidentally booked an apartment in Malaysia in March instead of April. Airbnb sends an automatic reminder by mail and by text 5 days before your arrival so once I discovered my stupid mistake in March, I had to quickly contact the host to change the dates.

The host accepted my change by mail and I had sent a request to Airbnb for the change, except they had never received my request. I also couldn’t get in touch with my host anymore and with only 2 weeks left before my trip, I booked another apartment in the same building just to make sure. Why book in the same apartment building? The picture of the infinity pool explains it all.

DSC09470I already experienced a cancellation for my #1 resort that “” claims I had made (Thailand – Malaysia 2015: Langkawi), I couldn’t handle another scam on the same trip. I contacted the Airbnb helpdesk and explained everything by mail, which they replied by a phone call telling me that both apartments were available to me and since I’m a frequent user, I could choose between both apartments and get a full refund on the other.

Their helpful service, their kindness and their understanding just meant everything to me. It’s not a resort where you get spoiled but since I like to eat out anyway, it’s just a perfect fit for me. And here are some more pictures of everything I’ve discovered thanks to Airbnb:

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