Thailand – Malaysia 2015: Langkawi

There were 2 reasons why I wanted to go to Langkawi:

  1. the Berjaya Langkawi Island Resort for its chalet on water
  2. the Langkawi Sky bridge

DSC09923There were all sorts of mishaps on this trip that drove me mad. One of them was the cancellation of my chalet on water at the Berjaya Langkawi Island Resort. It’s definitely the last time I make any reservation through “”.

I am however a strong believer of Alexander Graham Bell’s quote: “when one door closes, another opens”. In this case, the door was opened to the Bon Ton Resort.

Staying in a traditional Malay wooden house, though not on a beach, was peaceful and I can’t even begin to explain the beauty, the calm and the simplicity that this resort exudes.

I wouldn’t recommend staying there if you have issues sharing your house with cats and some cute geckos. I tried to grab my cam for a picture with those cuties but they were gone in a flash. I also heard my friends shriek a couple of times but even for them the Bon Ton Resort was heavenly.


Another unfortunate event was that I took the sky cab all the way up but couldn’t find the sky bridge. If you go all the way up there, you apparently still need to pay for a walk in the jungle before getting to the bridge. Couldn’t they have sold all the tickets at once and put up a big sign with “Sky bridge” on it?

I did not do what I first had in mind in Langkawi but I got so much more from it. I’m not saying the Bon Ton Resort is better than the Berjaya Langkawi Island Resort and vice versa but if “” hadn’t mistakenly cancelled my stay, I would’ve never discovered my little piece of heaven.

And with that, this is the end of my trip in South-East Asia this year. To say goodbye to my Thailand – Malaysia 2015 trip, stay tuned for one last post with all the videos.


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