All Noblesse: 1 year already

April 28th 2014 was when I had first clicked on the “Publish” button and I can officially put a 1 year experience in blogging on my résumé.SONY DSCMost bloggers have an idea of what to achieve with their blogs in the long term. I just mainly wanted to do something with the pictures I have on my hard drive.

What I can say about my first year:

  • Have no expectations: the blogosphere was new to me so having people read, then like and even follow my blog is a pure ego booster (I’ll keep writing about the only topic I know: me, me and me).
  • The extra kick in the butt: I keep adding things to my bucket list but I feel like I’ve checked off a whole bunch of them since starting this blog.
  • Share your knowledge: whatever’s obvious to you may not always be the case for other people (I might have just invented a quote here).
  • Free therapy: having gone through what I hope to be the worst thing ever in my life last year, I feel that writing helped me become emotionally stronger.
  • Writing about myself includes sharing my friends’ and family’s life: I’d decided from the start not to share my face with the world so the people I care for don’t get the exposure they might not want.

It’s rather easy to figure out who I am and where I live but please don’t waste your time and energy doing that. You wouldn’t want to read about some stalker/creeper in my future posts, don’t you?

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