Thailand – Malaysia 2015: Phuket Part II

There are so many tours available in Phuket to enjoy the surrounding islands for some silky soft white sanded beaches or for some exciting adventures in tropical forests. I had booked my tours with the Elizabeth Andaman Tour.

There are no words to describe paradise so I’ll just show it off with these pictures of the Phi Phi Islands:

On top of arranging our perfect tours, Jimmy, my contact from the tour, surprised us with the big green coconuts that we’ve come to worship during our lunch. So the Elizabeth Andaman Tour may be a bit pricey compared to other tours but you get a service that’s priceless in return.

The only flaw to our heavenly tour: sunburn. And I can only send a complaint to myself for not putting enough sunscreen.

We had already booked a rafting and elephant trekking tour the next day and Jimmy was so kind to rearrange the whole tour for us 1 hour before pick-up time. With 4 painfully red bodies, we still managed to do a full hour elephant trekking and we visited the Tone Pariwat waterfall and the Monkey Cave:

This is already the end of our Thai adventures but stay tuned for my first Malaysian discovery.


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