Thailand – Malaysia 2015: Phuket Part I

They say good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to Patong so it was an obvious choice for me to initiate my friends into their journey to Phuket.

IMG_4161I wanted to try the Banzaan Food Village where you can buy your ingredients on the ground floor and have the ingredients cooked on the first floor by a chef. Unfortunately, our hotel was on the other side of town and a tuk-tuk was at least 400THB. Scammers!

What we have discovered and adored near our hotel is the Malin Plaza. We can find every kind of street food that you can imagine from fruit shakes to spare ribs and everything inbetween. You can either take away or eat there if you purchase a drink from one of the many bar stalls. The icing on the cake is the fact that it was really cheap too.

We had tried eating right across from the beach on the main road but it’s more Western style and that also includes the price. So a little hint in case you’re on a budget: don’t eat on the main road (Thaveewong Road) but try any other street.IMG_3723

Part II of the Phuket posts: Phi Phi Islands.

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