Travelling Tips & Tricks Part II: Travel budget

Going to Thailand and Malaysia this year was a great test on my abilities as a planner. My 3 friends had never set foot on eastern soil before and I’m pretty sure they had never been on a trip with a €2.000 price tag on it.

The budget for 4 people was €8.000 and you can see in my graph what I had estimated before our leave: Budget ThaiMal2015It’s not something that anyone can afford and knowing that I’m still planning 2 more trips this year and the fact that I’m looking into buying my very first apartment, I just can’t afford to go over too much.

At the same time, I wasn’t hardcore, looking for half an hour for the cheapest taxi or staying in hostels during the whole trip. We actually enjoyed plenty of luxurious hotels, tours, etc. What we truly spend our money on: Final Budget ThaiMal2015 Transportation, Accommodation and activities were well estimated:

  • 1/3 of the whole budget alone went to the plane tickets so it’s more than normal that half the budget goes to transportation.
  • I had prepaid most of the hotels, apartments, etc. which is why the final budget remained the same as the estimated budget.
  • The activities winded up a bit cheaper cause we scratched out Wat Arun and the Petronas Towers. The one was under construction and we couldn’t get tickets online for the other.

DSC09010All of the leftover cash and more went to the meals and shopping:

  • We ate and drank a whole lot more than what I had predicted. We did do a lot more of “expensive” meals too (which is still crazy cheap in European terms).
  • 4 girls and a shopping paradise: good thing we were only allowed 20k. I knew the leftover money would mainly go to shopping. I just didn’t know how much…

DSC09122We could’ve gone hardcore and done everything for even lesser money but once you’re not a student anymore, you kind of have certain luxuries you won’t give up on like a good bed and taking a cab instead of walking an extra 30 minutes to your hotel.

So instead of spending €2.000, we spent €2.008 each. With that, I can officially pat myself on the back cause doing a 2 week trip in Asia for this amount is extremely cheap. I have to admit I was hoping to go home with a bit of cash for all the bills awaiting at home but whatevs.

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