Thailand – Malaysia 2015: Bangkok Part II

I had been to Asia countless of times which is why I had put together a crazy ass schedule so my friends would have plenty of choices to pick from.  What I hadn’t anticipated, was that they wanted to do everything and more… ThaiMal2015What I had in mind:

  • Bangkok: shopping mecca with some culture thrown in
  • Phuket: tropical beaches and adventures
  • Kuala Lumpur: citytrip
  • Langkawi: relax and zen mode

Our first and last stop was Bangkok. We, of course, went straight to the shopping area on our very first day. The girls had instantly learned how to bargain shamelessly and no matter how tired I was from the jet lag, I felt a sense of pride in the terrible influence I had on them. DSC09012The #1 thing on my friends’ list was to test the street foods in Bangkok. They were great troopers for trying but I could tell from their reactions that their tongues had not found the kind of love they were looking for. I, on the other hand, adored the fact that they accidentally ordered spicy papaya salad. Yummm!

What did get the gold and silver medal in the streets are the fruits from the fruit carts and the big green coconut juices. Can never go wrong with any of those. IMG_4079That was day one of our 2 week trip. Stay tuned for part III.

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