Travelling Tips & Tricks Part I

I’ve started travelling by plane since the age of 2 so my 26 years of experience makes me qualified in sharing some knowledge for travelling.

Or you can see these tips and tricks as what I’ve done wrong in the past and do differently now.2015-04-11 07.50.23

  • Pack light: I used to bring outfits for each day I spent abroad and winded up leaving some stuff behind at the airport since I always shop on holidays.
  • Wrap your clothes into your hand luggage: I’ve gone over the weight of my luggage more than once. It’ll also save you more space and weight for even more shopping.
  • Hand wash your clothes: if you have a tropical destination, the balcony is the best dryer ever.
  • Sleep on the road: I’ve spent a big amount of time on the road so in case you haven’t had a good night sleep (jet lag), those power naps in the taxi, train, planes, etc. are pure awesomesauce.
  • Have no shame in bargaining (especially in Asia): the salesmen buy the products for peanuts so even when you’re satisfied with the price, they’ve still made a profit.
  • Keep your passport safe: when traveling in a part of the world where theft is common, I use underwear with hidden pockets (no shame whatsoever).
  • Don’t keep your cash and your credit cards at the same place: keep the money in your pockets and your cards in your bag. If one gets stolen, you still have the other (happened to my mom).
  • Do your check-in and the plane won’t leave without you in it: had a one hour delay cause we were waiting for another flight that was delayed for transit.
  • Check-in your luggage together so even when you pass the maximum weight, most airlines (except low-costs) are willing to accept the extra couple of kilo.

There are many more mishaps to share with you but that shall be for another post: Travelling Tips & Tricks Part II: Travel budget

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