Female rappers

Being Asian in Belgium, I’ve grown up listening to songs in a lot of different languages. Whether I understand a language or not, there’s one similar factor that my eardrums have been drawn to: female rappers. It may be because I’m the opposite of who they are: badass gangster princesses of swag.

Here I am with another list, my favourite female rappers:

10. The latest princess of the hip hop scene Iggy Azalea.

9. Leki, I don’t really know a whole lot of Belgian urban singers but she’s one I liked so much, I bought her whole album.

8. Who’s that girl? Eve’s that girl! She’s known for being an actress but I knew her as a rapper first.

7. 2NE1’s leader: CL. She gave herself the title of Korea’s baddest female and her MTBD performance was precisely what she described.

6. Nicki Minaj, it takes time for me to like her songs but she always gets to me eventually. Ironically “Your Love” is the very first song I’ve ever heard from her and that I instantly loved.

5. TLC’s Lisa Left Eye Lopes. She showed the world her potential as I can recite most of her raps from “No Scrubs”, “Waterfalls” and “Unpretty”. RIP.

4. Diam’s, the queen of French hip hop. She’s retired for ages and I’m still waiting for somebody to dethrone her.

3. Hands down for miss Lauryn Hill. Not only does she know how to sing (remember her in “Sister Act 2”) she also knows how to stand tall being part of “The Fugees” next to Pras and Wyclef Jean.

2. Yoon Mi Rae, also known as Tasha and is by far my favourite Korean rapper period. Not even understanding Korean, I just love how she owns the stage by herself.

1. I got sentimental seeing Missy ‘MISDEMEANOR’ Elliott at the Superbowl performance and remembered why she’s supa dupa fly. Now who did a pretend spit like me while listening to Missy E.’s “Get Your Freak On”?

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