In the span of 3 weeks, I’ve celebrated my own birthday 5 times, had a New Year’s eve party and also celebrated my big auntie, my dad and my bestie Kel’s bday.

SONY DSCTo celebrate her birthday, I took my big auntie shopping in Brussels with my auntie N and my mom. It’s sales month and I hadn’t bought anything cause I’m planning to spend my cash on my next big trip in Thailand and Malaysia.

The ladies on the other hand each got themselves some fancy bags to show off to their GF’s.

2015-01-24 12.28.59Next off, Kel’s birthday. We went for dinner in Ghent at “Het Gouden Hoofd”. The downside to a big group: we were only allowed to order 4 different courses. I’m bitching about it cause at the end of a very long work week, I didn’t get to order what I wanted which was the lamb curry.

I ended up with the guinea fowl filet and dear Lord it tasted so good, I can only imagine how fabulous my lamb curry must’ve been.

And at last, the next day we’ve celebrated my dad’s 64th bday. He was nagging that I didn’t call him on his birthday while the boys have. I threw back in his face that I speak to him face to face every weekend when I go home to do paperwork and clean his house.

Once I explained I hadn’t slept a whole lot the night before, the poor man quickly understood my mood and tude and slowly stepped away to decrease the chances of getting electrocuted by the gaze that I’ve inherited from his lovely wife.

SONY DSCIt was time for the non-stop partying to end cause I’m starting to get way too grumpy. But I still have the light festival in Ghent, a shopping spree with the besties, Ikea to get my chests of drawers, put it together and arrange all of my clothes within this month.

My weekends in January are crazy booked and my body is in need of some proper healing but I’ve given the poor thing a clear sign: I’ll rest when I die!

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