New Year’s resolutions?

I’m done reminiscing 2014; it’s time to look forward to 2015.

SONY DSCI can’t tell if I kept up with last year’s resolutions cause I don’t remember them at all. That’s how good I am at not keeping them.

So instead of making a “get fit, eat healthier and save money” kind of list, I’ll put what I’ve already planned for the year as my 2015 resolutions:

  • Lightfestival in Ghent
  • Museum nocturne
  • Buy a new MS Surface Pro 2 or 3
  • Photoshoot with my besties from Brussels
  • Thailand & Malaysia
  • Citytrip
  • Make videos
  • Swimming as my weekly sport
  • Limit my birthday parties

Since these are resolutions than I’m normally not supposed to do them all. Let’s check in a year if 2015 will be the exception to all the other years…


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