Becoming 28

Ever since I’ve turned 28, I’ve been in search for some well-needed rest. Main reason: I’ve partied hard!!!

967901_10204994060509458_1266534170_nFor people who are not familiar with Belgium, my country is all about division. As tiny as this kingdom is, we have the Dutch-speaking (Flemish) who rule in the north, the French-speaking (Walloon) in the south and then there’s Brussels in the middle that mixes everything so it’d be bilingual.

Why am I suddenly writing about this? Well, my penthouse wasn’t big enough to welcome everyone at once so my desicion to separate my friends came easily. I wasn’t trying to be a good countrywoman by being a separatist, it all just came naturally as a former Flemish. (to foreigners who are reading this, it’s a lame joke only Belgians would smirk at)10884209_10205220982822374_1669868640_oOn my real birthday December 19th, I had dinner with my Flemish friends and then we went out to have some Glühwein and Baileys hot chocolate at the Christmas market. Because the market closes at 11pm, we quickly moved to Madame Moustache where we had an 80s/90s party for the rest of the night.

But the highlight of my day was my besties’ gift: a toaster in the shape of a VW van. I’ve christened my new adoptive child as the coolest and most awesome toaster in the world!!!

December 20th, after my friends left around noonish I was cleaning and prepping dinner all afternoon for the Frenchies in the eve. Main dish: ham and endive gratin. As for the entertainment, people were playing games, my bro brought his guitar, there was some more eating and drinking at the dinner table and we finished off the night with some karaoke till 2am.

For people who claimed I didn’t sing, I chose and sang to Wham’s “Last Christmas”! All of you just decided to sing loudly along with me and haven’t heard the beautiful and angelic (off-key) voice of mine…

I was in a coma the next day. All I remember doing was sleeping, staying motionless in bed and eating the rest of the cake for the day’s meal. I then had a superb dinner on Monday with my Morocan and Turkish besties who I hadn’t seen in a while and celebrated once again my birthday with my family on Xmas eve.

To conclude my bday week, I reserved some snow so we got to play on our sleighs. I don’t know if it were the weather god or the Jesus in Transinne who got me the snow but I hereby confirm my booking for all of it to melt now.

I was spoiled rotten with gifts, extremely cute (handwritten card and Fb) messages and the typical (filled with €) white envelopes but my #1 gift is just being able to spend time with all of my loved ones.

The only thing I’ve missed is my one little munchkin and wherever he is, I’m sure he partied hard for his auntie’s 28th birthday too.



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