Boyz II Men concert

Pure nostalgia for the 90’s RnB era, that’s how I’d define the Boyz II Men concert I had attended at the AB in Brussels.

10853823_10205073392012696_729077506_oGoing into the venue, we were greeted by DJ Da Vinci who took us back in time so we could roll our bodies to Janet’s “That’s the way love goes” or do the cabbage patch on Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push it”.

We were in a packed venue and everyone was partying while busting moves from the 90’s. But then again, I’ve never managed to get passed that era and I still get jiggy in the 2000s with the “Hey Ho” and the “Carlton”.

10849520_10205073397812841_1897763745_oI felt like I was at an “I love the 90’s” party with DJ Da Vinci and Boyz II Men kept the flow going. They were doing some boysband dance where they’d roll their hips right behind a mic stand while singing to their Motown covers. If you grew up watching MTV back in the BSB-, N Sync- and Take That-era, than you know what I’m talking about.

We also had all of the classics where everyone sang to: “On bended knees”, “Water runs dry”, “A song for mama” and of course the “End of the road” and “I’ll make love to you”. My favourite song of the night however, was their cover of the Journey’s “Open arms”.

The reason I was able to sing along is simply because that’s the only option my brothers would give me since they were in control of what we watched and listened to. I had no idea what all of these songs meant and it’s a good thing my parents didn’t either cause I’m not sure they would’ve approved of a 7 year old singing “I’ll make love to you”…

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