Sushi shop

I hadn’t seen my besties since our trip to Morocco and it was time for our regular hang-out. Seeing my colleagues having sushis for lunch made me crave for it and so my Turkish bestie suggested we’d have dinner near her work at the Sushi Shop.

The sushis were fresh and pretty good, only I wished they’d add some more mayo in the temaki. That evening though, my tongue had found another love: spinage with sesame sauce. I have been bothering Lord Google for the recipe of my brand new addiction since I tasted this dish and I can’t wait to try it out.

2014-11-19 18.18.05During our trip to Morocco, my 2 girls and another friend of ours made me their personal referee for their contest: 1 of them had to lose weight and the other 2 had to gain weight. Yes, you’ve read it well, I have 2 gal pals who need to eat thrice as much as what a regular person would eat so they’d actually gain weight. Apparently, it’s a pretty comon thing but how freaking unfair is this world??? Those girls actually lose weight if they were to eat normally.

Anyway, every week the girls have to send in a pic of them on their scale and I’ll be the one deciding after 5 weeks who’ll be the final winner. The price: a photoshoot with all of us before anyone’d tie the knot. The winner obviously doesn’t have to pay for the shoot.

As to why I didn’t enter the contest is simply cause I’m happy with my weight. The only thing I’d truly want is a more regular workout and healthy food. While the others are on a diet to eat more healthy, I’ll be doing it too except that I’d cave weekly for a good old mitraillette.2014-10-17 12.01.48

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