Sweet guilty pleasures

Being an event coordinator means I’d automatically gain 3k with all the buffets displayed in front of me. The good news is: I haven’t gained any more kilos. The bad news is that I haven’t managed to lose any weight either.

20131128_120454_LLSAnyone who knows me knows I have a sweet tooth. I might as well share my tortures with you:

  • Mini chocolate bomb20131125_141314_LLS
  • Strawberry tart20140605_143743
  • Ice Cream, fruit and cookie fondueSONY DSC
  • Chocolate moelleux or chocolate lava cake2014-08-22 22.38.07
  • Crème brûléeSONY DSC
  • Strawberry waffle with chocolate sauceSONY DSC
  • FlanDSC01642
  • Belgian chocolate20110820布鲁塞尔 293
  • Speculoos: cookies that resemble gingerbread cookies but thinner20131122_160944_LLS
  • Speculoos tiramisu2014-11-13 13.25.36

And yes they are as delicious as they have calories but then again, I’m Belgian so how can I resist all the sweets that come across my line of vision?

Remember I’m only sharing them with you visually. In real life, I’d slap you for coming anywhere near my cravings.


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