Lemon Tree

With 2 ear infections, a couple of flus and a gastroenteritis all within this year, it made it impossible for me to keep up with the workout schedule I had in mind.

I made an attempt to start running and that didn’t work out (see my former post “Start 2 Color Run“). I then wanted to pick up yoga since I get a free course from work every Tuesday but I had to stay in for work every time. So the only sport I had managed to keep up with was swimming every Thursday for 45 minutes… then I had the flu again and I haven’t been since.

DSC07690Having the flu multiple times this year gave me a new obsession: lemons. Outside of getting high on paracetamol 3x/day, what has always worked for me is some lemon juice with honey and burning hot water.

I use the juice from a whole lemon (if it’s a big one, I only take half a lemon), 2 teaspoons of honey and fill my mug with hot water and voilà, I can breathe again for a couple of seconds.

DSC02571There are 2 donwsides to this obsession:

  1. I’d automatically have the Fool’s Garden’s “Lemon tree” in my head on repeat
  2. I used to think I had a bladder of steal but drinking this the whole day made me have restroom breaks throughout the day

But when you have a stuffed nose, a sore throat and you feel like you can’t swallow anything down, admitting to having a bladder of a pea and being able to breathe through your nose has way more significance than those restroom breaks.

So next time you have an itchy throat or you notice you sneeze on a regular basis, try out my lemon juice with honey and hot water and see if it works wonders for you too.


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