My lullaby playlist

While growing up, besides watching manga on French TV, I was forced to watch lakorns (Thai drama) cause that’s all my folks would watch. I’d describe it as an extremely cheesy, makes all your insides curl up, Notebook kind of soap operas and yet I digg those chick flicks.

Another thing I can blame my family for not being gangster, is my love for melodramatic songs that obviously go with the lakorns. I actually have a lullaby playlist and here are the most played soulful songs that help me find sleep:

The 2014 song of the year for me goes to Sam Smith. Every time I hear him sing “Stay With Me” live on TV, I get goosebumps everywhere.

Gabrielle is a multi-platinum selling, English singer and songwriter. She is known for the successful “Out of Reach” from the soundtrack to the film “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. I had known her first with “Rise”, which became Gabrielle’s second UK number one.

Blue is an English R&B group well-known for their collaboration with Elton John for “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” or Stevie Wonder for “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. My favourite live act of their’s is their performance of “Breathe Easy” at the Wembley Arena.

I had discovered Rebecca Ferguson while she was performing “Nothing’s Real But Love” on my favourite Chat show “The Graham Norton Show”. John Legend has had a huge hit with “All Of Me”. Put these 2 artists together and you get the song “Bridges”.

Is there a song of Bruno Mars that I don’t like? I don’t think I’ve heard one yet. The one that’s about to become my new #1 is either “When I Was Your Man” or “If I knew” but so far his accoustic version of “Grenade” on the Graham Norton Show is still my fave.

While my brothers were learning how to play the guitar, there was 1 song they kept playing: Michael Bublé’s “Home”. I like watching his TV-shows and yet I don’t really know any of his songs. I can now proudly watch his shows and sing (badly) along to this one song.

Alicia Keys has such a huge repertoire, I could easily just put her whole MTV unplugged performance in this list. While “If I Was Your Woman” was my #1 Alicia Keys song in this list for the longest time, it has been dethroned last year by her song “Brand New Me”.

Aside from being known as a major playboy for dating Jennifer Aniston and more recently Katy Perry, I’ve discovered John Mayer is actually a talented American singer-songwriter and producer. My favourite guitar play in a song: John Mayer’s “Gravity”.

This list wouldn’t be complete without Adele in it. In 2011, she had sung “Someone Like You” so many times but the one performance I always re-watch is the one from the Brit Awards.

Eric Benét is an American R&B and neo soul singer-songwriter who has sang some of the most romantic songs ever like “The Last Time”, “Spend My Life With You”, etc. But the #1 song that I can put on repeat and that helps me better than counting sheep is “Still With You”.

There are way more songs I listen to before heading to dreamland like Macy Gray, Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men, Daniel Beddingfield, Joss Stone,…

I’ll someday have to make a 2nd lullaby list but for now, just enjoy the songs hereabove.


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