An ode to the women in my life

If I were to rewind to my teendays, my wardrobe would’ve looked all black and grey and I was the typical tomboy who couldn’t care less about hair and makeup. Not that I care more about hair and makeup now but at least I’ve learned that there were other colour palettes besides dark and darker.

I am 27 and the main reason as to how I got more feminine are 5 reamarkable women in my life and here’s my ode to each one of them:

Starting of with my sister-in-law: Mrs Noodle. The only intelligent thing my 2nd bro has done so far, is marrying his wife. She’s the primary reason for Mr Noodle’s happiness and she has become one of my best friends and only (official) sister. I was the only girl in this family for the longest time and the Li-dynasty has enriched with one amazing woman.

I’m so greatful to her for opening her heart to not only Mr Noodle but to the rest of my family as well cause we sure are a lot to handle. We know we’ve been nagging after a niece/nephew for a couple of years now and to be fair, we promise we’ll stop… the exact same day you give birth to our niece/nephew.

DSC05555My mom’s little sister is the second one I want to put on a pedestal. Aunt Timmy has co-raised my brothers and I with my parents. Seeing that my parents had to work daily from 6am to 6pm, she took care of most of the household while working and looking after us 4 kids at the same time.

She now spoils her husband and son who’s so intelligent, his brain’s wired like a computer. Instead of being like a 2nd mom, I see her more like a godmother who’s the reason behind my high phone bills as I don’t mind talking to her so she gets to gossip with her forever little Guinea pig.

The next one is my auntie N, my mom’s cousin. The difference between my parents and her is that she has the finesse to ask me first whether I have the time to do certain chores for her or not. Or maybe she just knows how to hypnotize me into doing these things but I shall believe in her kindness simply cause I know she’d only come to me for help as her last resort.

The way she treats people is how I wish to affect my kids. Given that I’m my mom’s daughter, I might as well leave this role to my brothers while I’ll use my demanding tone and my big “giving you all the guilt in the world” eyes to my future kids.

The following one is the prettiest woman in the world: my big auntie L. We call her big auntie cause she’s the eldest of my mom’s siblings. At 63, my big auntie still has a killer body with 2 drop dead long thin legs and she doesn’t mind showing them off at all. She rightfully exudes so much confidence, her favourite colours are bright and flashy.

As the only girl in the family, I’m her personal Barbie doll. She’s been trying to influence her confidence to me so I’d wear short shorts with some flashy tiger printed shirts on top but she keeps forgetting I don’t have her killer bod. She will forever have a young mind, body and soul and it’s now getting to a point where she’s starting to look younger than I do.

And last but not least: my mom. People kept telling me I could never get lost cause anyone would instantly know who’s daughter I am. I’m physically my dad’s female replica but looking closely, I can see I’m my mom’s daughter too. I’ve inherited her huge eyes and her feminine hands and those are the only 2 aspects I like about my body.

She has South-East Asian blood flowing through her veins which means she’s also a feisty hot-blooded woman. Anyways no matter how upset she can get or how many times she yells at me, she’s still the one I love the most in the whole wide world. So if I were to pick between my mom and anybody else in the world, I’d throw you all under the bus in a heartbeat.

When I couldn’t see 1 inch of beauty within myself, I’ve always had these 5 incredible women telling me how cute I looked. Being the typical ungrateful teen, I never believed any of their words. Only if it weren’t for these women, I wouldn’t have the confidence I own today and even though I still have a long way to go, I have all 5 of them on standby.

What these women mean to me, I could never put into words but I hope to be able to set the same kind of example for my future nieces and daughters someday.

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