Start 2 Color run

Another thing my bestie Dr Diva got me into this summer, is the Color Run. The Color Run (also known as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”) is a 5k run where I and 16.000 other runners get covered in a cloud of color powder which colordips us from head to toe.

2014-09-07 14.04.45My journey before the Color Run wasn’t pink at all: my condition was below 0. I started training about 3,5 weeks before the run with the program “Start2Run”. The problem was, the program said I needed 10 weeks to run 5k normally.

Did I need 10 weeks? Nah ah! And so I invented my own program: I ran 2 out of 3 days around the Cinquantenaire Park. 1 lap at the parc is about 3k and my training went pretty ok until I went running in the pouring rain. My body instantly gave me signs of retaliation with my 2nd ear infection of the year.

SONY DSCBesides having to recover from my ear infection, I also had to take my mom to Paris to see my auntie so she had a little break from everyday life. She and her lil sister were like 2 tweens having fun yapping away, shopping, having their nails and hair done.

While those 2 kids were having fun, I had my well-deserved shopping spree at Primark buying my new favourite T-shirt and I also got to go on a promenade while watching my little cousin riding his very first 2-wheeler bike.

So aside from not having trained fully, still recovering from my ear infection, having the visitor of the month (if it’s T.M.I., it’s still a woman’s monthly annoying life) and having to rush from Paris so I could participate in the run, I can already tell you that I’ve walked most of the Color Run.

It’s supposed to be the happiest 5k of the planet and I realized it wasn’t about the running, but about the party afterwards. The fun continues after the runners complete the race with an unforgettable festival. This larger than life party is equipped with music, food and massive color throws which create millions of vivid color combinations.

I’ve suffered so much before this year’s run even Lucifer asked me why I’d participate. However, this experience made me crave for next year’s run already and I’ll make sure I train hard enough so I can proudly say I’ve ran more than I’ve walked.


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