Night at the museum

Every year my company organizes a guided tour at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. This year, we were hosting the avant-premiere of the Constantin Meunier exposition.

Vincent Van Gogh once said about Meunier: “He’s the only one of all Belgian artists who has touched me, he painted all those things I‘ve always dreamed I could achieve…. This large retrospective Constantin Meunier (the first since 1909) offers a comprehensive and varied overview of the artist’s works.CaptureOver 250 works are being presented and I was truly keen on seeing this exhibition but I was so busy coordinating that evening, my feet wouldn’t allow me to go through with it.

We’ve had over 500 people discovering the work of the Belgian realist painter and sculptor and all I could take part in were the behind-the-scenes and the dinner buffet which obviously is always the highlight of any evening.

I might go back and see this exposition since the reviews I’ve received from the guests were all very positive. In case this doesn’t happen, I’m sure I’ll spend another night organizing an event at another museum except I’d make sure to have the exclusive next time way before the guests arrive.

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